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Face Mask - Mouth Mask supplies and patterns

Do you want to make your own face mask/mouth mask from fabric? On this page you will find various supplies, haberdashery and fabric options that you can use for this. Use fabrics made from 100% cotton, as you can also wash them at a high temperature. The suppliers usually recommend washing at 40 degrees (because the fabric stays the best), but 100% cotton fabrics can easily be washed at 60 degrees (with a few exceptions, such as fleece).

There is more fabric choice than you only see below, the following fabrics are often used for making mouth masks:
- Muslin/Double Gauze (especially for the inside of a mask)
- Poplin
- Cotton sateen
- Jersey
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Looking for a pattern for a mouth mask? On these websites you will find patterns and (Dutch) explanations on how to make and use the mask.
Flat model with pleats on the side: website Dutch government
Flat model with pleats on the side: https://maakjemondmasker.be/
Flat model with pleats on the side: https://maakjemondkapje.online/
Contoured model, with ribbon closure
Pre-shaped model, with elastic around the ears

* These are masks for personal use and not for medical use.