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Bag with stuffing

Soft filling made of unbleached organic cotton
Picture of Bag with stuffing
Bag with stuffing
Bag with stuffing


Soft filling made of unbleached cotton (you can still see the seeds). This filling is a byproduct from a futonmaker, who preserves the cutting leftovers for us, so that it can be reused.

For use, amongst other things, as a filling for cushions or stuffed toys.

100% organic cotton, produced in India, GOTS certified. The cultivation of the cotton is done as environmentally friendly as possible.

Contents bag: 325 grams (which is enough for a cushion with the size 40x40 cm)

The stuffing has been subjected to a washing test (as a filled pillow). This filling is machine washable, but is does tend to clump together. After drying in the dryer, the filling will regain a good volume again.

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tine - 15-06-2020
heel fijn vulmateriaal voor kussentjes