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Household Gloves FSC & Fairtrade latex

The 'Green Tips' household gloves are the first socially and environmentally responsible household gloves in the world. They are made of natural rubber from sustainable forests and bear the FSC seal of the Forest Stewardship Council. The rubber is produced in a fair trade way in Sri Lanka. The gloves have a long life and are durable to use. They are well fitting and are available in the size Large.

The natural rubber for the gloves comes from a plantation in Sri Lanka. At this plantation they are working in a sustainable way with respect for the environment and the rubber trees. This advances biodiversity. The label of the Forest Stewardship Council on the gloves confirms that sustainable forestry. The plantation is also being socially responsible. The fair trade premium for each kilo of rubber is used to improve the living conditions of the workers. Workers and management decide collectively on the use of the surcharge. This has, among other things, financed a project for clean drinking water. It has also provided electricity on the plantation and the village.

The gloves are biodegradable. The packaging is environmentally friendly: a cardboard box which is easily recyclable.

This gloves contain natural latex and may cause allergic reactions.

GreenTips Fairtrade

Household Gloves Large

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