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Ottobre Woman 2-2017

Sewing pattern magazine with contemporary, stylish women's fashion - Spring/Summer 2017
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Ottobre Woman 2-2017
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Sewing pattern magazine with contemporary, stylish women's fashion, sewing tips and decorating ideas, including pattern sheets. 
Edition: Spring/Summer 2017

We designed a number of nice classics for summer daily wear: a trendy bomber jacket, a statement T-shirt, a T-shirt dress, a linen shirt dress, wide-leg pants and a coordinating flared top, and a sleeveless holiday dress. You’ll also find a much-requested textured-linen coat, as well as shorts and an off-shoulder voile blouse for summer safaris. Younger women will be delighted by a dress-length hoodie, leggings and a striped jersey dress.

Apparel for special occasions in spring and summer: two versions of an elegant dress, a romantic jersey top, a gathered denim skirt and a jazzy lurex knit dress. When the party is over and the couch is calling, the ideal outfit is sweatpants and a laid-back jersey top.


Take a look at the overview of all the patterns and photos for the contents of this edition.




The Finnish sewing patterns magazine Ottobre is packed with modern clothes with a beautiful cut. In the magazine you will find fashion, sewing tips and decorating ideas. All magazines include pattern sheets and instructions sheets.