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Burnt Olive sweater fabric

Beautiful olive green organic cotton sweater fabric, by Bo Weevil. GOTS certified.

Sweater fabric is a knitted fabric with a smooth front side and a back side with long loops. The backside is (to a greater or lesser extent) roughened. The more the backside is roughened, the softer and warmer it is. Because of the knitted structure, sweater fabric is slightly elastic broadwise.

Sweater fabric is suitable for jumpers, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, sweatpants, skirts, baby wear, shawls.

Material 100% organic cotton
Colour Olive Green / Burnt olive (Pantone 18-0251)
Width 150-160 cm
Weight 300-310 gr/m2
Cleaning advice 40 C, no bleaching, no dry cleaning, line drying, ironing 1 point
Shrinkage max 5%
Produced in Turkey, GOTS certified

The cultivation of the cotton, and the dyeing and processing of the fabric is done as environmentally friendly as possible. Besides, GOTS also stands for fair trade and good working conditions for labor.

Bo Weevil

Bo Weevil is the Dutch pioneer in the field of organic cotton, and has 30 years of experience in certified organic cotton. They offer beautiful and good quality fabrics and products.

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Burnt Olive sweater fabric (731040)

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anneke - 21-09-2020
Mooie warme stof!
Prachtige kwaliteit!!
anneke - 15-09-2020
Mooie warme stof!!
Lekkere joggingbroek voor de kleinkinderen!
anneke - 03-08-2020
Prachtige kleur en mooie kwaliteit!
Gertrude - 18-11-2019
Ik beveel de bio-sweaterstoffen van Pure Coverz van harte aan:
geen gif aan de handen van katoenpluksters,
geen gif op je eigen lichaam.
Ik vind daarbij deze sweaterstof heerlijk behaaglijk. Gertrude.