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Ottobre Woman 5-2018

Sewing pattern magazine Ottobre Design Woman, with contemporary stylish women's fashion, sewing tips and ideas, including pattern sheets. Sizes 34-52
Edition: Autumn/Winter 2018
Scandinavian everyday clothing is characterized by natural fibres, earthy colours and a touch of light-heartedness. Our day-to-day collection comprises four beautiful dresses, chino pants, pull-on linen pants, a wrap cardigan, a long-sleeve knit top and a sweatshirt with an eye-catching sleeve design.

The earthy autumn palette is complemented by intense darker colours. Fabrics also feature nature-inspired patterns and textures. Our designs include two versatile coats in different styles, a sateen blouse, a sateen top, ultra-wide special-occasion pants and a gorgeous velvet jacket. You’ll also find an elegant dress, narrow knit pants and a trendy knit top with plissé bell cuffs.

Take a look at the overview of all the patterns and photos for the contents of this edition.


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