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Hot Water Bottle FSC & Fairtrade latex

Hot Water Bottle, FSC & Fair Trade Latex
Picture of Hot Water Bottle FSC & Fairtrade latex
Hot Water Bottle FSC & Fairtrade latex
Hot Water Bottle FSC & Fairtrade latex
Hot Water Bottle FSC & Fairtrade latex


A lovely, hot water bottle warms up your bed in no-time on those cold winter evenings. And at last, there's a water bottle that is made of 100% sustainable Fair Trade latex, by Green & Fair. This hot water bottle is 37x20,5 cm, the capacity is 2 liters.

We also have a nice soft cover for this hot water bottle, see matching products at the bottom of the page.

The natural rubber for the hot water bottle comes from a plantation in Sri Lanka. At this plantation they are working in a sustainable way with respect for the environment and the rubber trees. This advances biodiversity. The label of the Forest Stewardship Council on the hot water bottle confirms that sustainable forestry. The plantation is also being socially responsible. The fair trade premium for each kilo of rubber is used to improve the living conditions of the workers. Workers and management decide collectively on the use of the surcharge. This has, among other things, financed a project for clean drinking water. It has also provided electricity on the plantation and the village.

For filling the hot water bottle don not use boiling water. Fill up to 2/3 of the capacity. When filling, keep the hot water bottle vertically to the neck and fill the hot water bottle slowly to avoid splashing hot water. Let a little air escape out of the bottle by gently pressing until water appears in the hot water bottle opening. Screw carefully and firmly close the hot water bottle. Make sure that no water can escape.

Avoid contact with hot surfaces, oil and fats. When the hot water bottle is not in use, it must fully dry and not be fully shut stored in a cool and dark place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and do not place any objects on the hot water bottle. Check the hot water bottle before use for wear and tear and wether it can close.

Hot water bottles can cause burns. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. For security reasons, DO NOT USE BOILING HOT WATER. Even hot water may cause burns. Do not heat in the microwave. When used by children, adult supervision recommended.

This hot water bottle contains natural latex and may cause allergic reactions.



Fairtrade is a quality mark that is given to products for which a fair price is paid by customers. It also means environmentally friendly cultivation, respect for labor rights and a transparent, democratic process in farmers cooperatives.

Rating 50 (4) - reviews
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Mirjam - 06-02-2023
Eén zijde van de kruik heeft geen "ribbels". Jammer. Ik had dit graag geweten.
De opening om water in te gieten is smaller dan bij kruiken bij Etos (merk Fashy, niet FSC). Beetje lastig.
Ook is de latex dunner dan bij bovengenoemde kruik.
rating 5
David - 28-01-2019
Product fine, service great, delivery as fast as can be expected.
No complaints !