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Our brands

We are very critical before including a product or fabric in our range. We want to be sure that it is produced with care for both people and the environment. That's why we ask for GOTS certification for all our fabrics (proof that the fabric is produced in accordance with strict regulations, for more information about this certification go to http://www.global-standard.org), and the range of branded products we sell also have the EKO/GOTS certification. Our own brand, Pure Coverz, does not (yet) have this certification, although we do of course work according to the principles of this certification. The fabrics we use are produced according to the GOTS requirements, and we use as few bi-products as possible.

Pure Coverz
Our own brand is produced in our own workshop. The fabrics we use are designed by Harmony Art or Daisy Janie. Both companies design beautiful fabrics that comply 100% with the GOTS certification. All Pure Coverz products are produced in our own Dutch workshop. We only produce on order, avoiding fabric waste. And to avoid using unnecessary packaging, we package our products in bags made from fabric remnants. This does mean that our delivery times can be a little longer (on average 2 weeks), and you should take this into account when placing your order. Should you need something more quickly - then please get in touch with us at info@purecoverz.nl, to discuss possibilities. And of course, we also produce custom-made products. Costs for this work are calculated fairly - the amount of fabric determines the price, just as with our standard range.

Damai Organics
Damai is a Dutch bed linen company with a beautiful range of organic cotton bed linen included in its assortment. Besides duvet covers, the range also includes fitted sheets, top covers for divan beds, sheets and individual pillowcases, all available in many different colours and designs. The fabric is produced in Turkey, the majority of the products are manufactured in their Dutch workshops, and they have EKO/GOTS certification. We offer the full Damai Organics range. We do not have all sizes in stock, but everything is available to order. An indication of delivery times is given with every article. Do you need an article more quickly? Get in touch via info@purecoverz.nl. Custom-made items are also available.

The Organic Company
Beautiful, Danish Design, organic cotton kitchen textiles. Large tea-towels, embroidered, soft towels, aprons and oven gloves. Great quality and stunning design is guaranteed with the Organic Company.

Pure Kitchen Organic The organic range of the Canadian Company Danica. The (kitchen) textiles are made of organic cotton, produced in India, and feature EKO/GOTS certification.

Harmony Art
Much of our organic cotton is designed by Harmony Art. Harmony Art is an American company that blends together organic cotton and natural patterns into stunning, high quality fabrics. The production of this cotton takes place in India, by a GOTS certified company (Global Organic Textile Standard). The dyeing process takes place in both India and America, varying per fabric. The dyeing also meets the GOTS requirements. These companies have also recently been Fair Trade certified, making the circle complete.

The motto of Harmony is "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."(Margaret Mead). Something we completely agree with!

Daisy Janie
We also supply Daisy Janie organic cotton fabrics. Beautiful, high quality poplin in great designs. The poplin is supple but strong, of quilt quality, perfect for clothing, hobby and home. All the fabrics from the collection can be combined, with the colours matching perfectly. The fabrics are produced in India and are GOTS certified, so from planting to processing to packing, they meet the requirements of Global Organic Textile Standard. The fabrics are also all produced by a Fair Trade company.

Bo Weevil
A Dutch company that has been manufacturing high quality fabrics in Turkey for many years. In fact, they were the first to introduce the organic cotton T-shirt! Bo Weevil mainly produces fabric in basic colours, although now and again we're able to hitch a ride and get our hands on an exclusive batch of fabric. The fabrics are produced 100% according to the GOTS certification.