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Black linen (flax) (SALE)

Gorgeous organic linen in a black colour
Picture of Black linen (flax) (SALE)
Black linen (flax) (SALE)
Black linen (flax) (SALE)


Gorgeous organic linen in a beautiful deep black shade. The black colour is obtained with a reactive dye, in accordance with the requirements of GOTS, the standard for organic textiles. The flax from which this linen was produced was grown and processed in Europe.

This linen fabric is woven in a plain weave and has a distinct character. Linen has a beautiful, uneven appearance and a luxurious and sturdy appearance. Linen regulates body temperature and feels pleasant against the skin. Linen absorbs up to 20% of its weight before it starts to feel damp. The natural properties of linen make it cool to the touch, making this lightweight fabric ideal for summer wear.

Linen is a beautiful basic fabric that can be used for many purposes. This woven linen is suitable for clothing such as blouses, tunics, skirts, dresses and trousers (optionally lined), but also, for example, for table linen or curtains.


Material: 100% organic flax/linen
Colour: Black
Width: 150 cm
Weight: 160 gr/m2
Cleaning advice: 40 C, no bleaching, line drying, ironing 3 points
Shrinkage: max 3%
Produced in: Europe, GOTS certified
Matching sewing thread: 4808



The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the largest processing standard for organic textiles in the world. The cultivation of the cotton, and the dyeing and processing of the fabric is done as environmentally friendly as possible. Besides, GOTS also stands for fair trade and good working conditions for labor. Better for your skin, better for the planet and better for workers.