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Jersey organic cotton

Jersey is a very finely knitted fabric, made of really fine thread. Therefore, the fabric is very supple and feels soft. Because of the knitted structure, jersey is slightly elastic broadwise. Jersey is available in various thicknesses; the higher the weight, the thicker the fabric. The number that is stated with the fabric says something about the thickness of the thread; the higher the number, the thinner the thread and the suppler the fabric. At the front side of the fabric, little v’s are visible (knit). At the back of the fabric, you’ll see small loops (purl). Therefore, the front and the back of the fabric look different. Jersey is also called plain knit or single jersey. It is the most widely used fabric for T-shirts.
Suitable for: T-shirts, tops, singlets, skirts, dresses, baby wear, scarfs, nightgowns, pajamas, bedding (this needs heavier qualities of jersey).