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Cone organic sewing thread (2743 meter - 3000 yard)

Organic cotton sewing thread, in a range of beautiful colours on a wooden cone
Picture of Cone organic sewing thread (2743 meter - 3000 yard)
Cone organic sewing thread (2743 meter - 3000 yard)
Cone organic sewing thread (2743 meter - 3000 yard)
Cone organic sewing thread (2743 meter - 3000 yard)


Organic cotton sewing thread, high quality, and in a range of beautiful colours. There is 2743 meter yarn on a nice wooden cone, which is packed in a paper tube. The size of a wooden cone sewing thread is approximately 12x6x5 cm (opening at the bottom is 1,5 cm). Scanfil is made by the Dutch manufacturer Forbitex, who has many years of experience in the production of sewing threads. The cones sewing thread are available in all colours, although we only have a few basic colours (4800 and 4808) in stock. The cones sewing thread in the other colours have a delivery time of approx. 1-3 weeks.

Made of 100% organic PIMA cotton (NE 30/2) and made in Turkey. The sewing thread is GOTS certified and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. The thread is available in several colours, on spools and on cones (to use on a sewing machine and we also use it, to full satisfactorily for many years, on the serger/lock machine). Please look at the pictures and color overview for the colours. For every fabric in our assortment, we give an indication of which colour(s) sewing thread can be used.

The range of colours:
4800 Bright White (white)
4801 Coconut Milk (ivory)
4802 Cornsilk (pale yellow)
4803 Illuminating (bright yellow)
4804 Blazing Orange (orange)
4805 High Risk Red (bright red)
4806 Crimson (deep red)
4807 Burnt Coral (salmon pink)
4808 Jet Black (black)
4809 Candy Pink (pale pink)
4810 Pink Lemonade (pink)
4811 Love Posion (dark pink)
4812 Regal Orchid (lavender purple)
4813 Royal Purple (dark purple)
4814 Winter Sky (pale blue)
4815 Poseidon (dark blue)
4816 Blue Shadow (grey blue)
4817 Nautical Blue (cobalt blue)
4818 Night Sky (marine blue)
4819 Aegean Blue (dark aqua blue)
4820 Spray  (pale green)
4821 Jolly Green (green)
4822 Mountain View (dark green)
4823 Green Envy (olive green)
4824 Lead Grey (taupe/liver)
4825 Crockery (beige)
4826 Sun Flower (orange brown)
4827 Cathay Spice (mid brown)
4828 Baked Clay (terracotta)
4829 Cocoa Brown (brown)
4830 Licorice (dark brown)
4831 Chateau Grey (light grey)
4832 Limestone (grey)
4833 Volcanic Ash (charcoal grey)
4870 Rhubarb (bordeaux)

Empty spools and cones can be returned to us for re-use!


Scanfil naaigaren

The organic cotton sewing thread of the brand Scanfil is of a very good quality. This brand has many decades of experience in the production of sewing threads and because of this they supply a nice quality sewing thread that can be processed well on many types of sewing machines. The organic sewing thread is GOTS certified.


The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the largest processing standard for organic textiles in the world. The cultivation of the cotton, and the dyeing and processing of the fabric is done as environmentally friendly as possible. Besides, GOTS also stands for fair trade and good working conditions for labor. Better for your skin, better for the planet and better for workers.