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Gift Cards

We accept various gift cards in our web store. Paying with a gift card is very easy. You simply place your order in our webshop and choose at 'payment method' for the gift card you have received. You will be automatically redirected to a secure payment environment immediately after the confirmation of your order to complete your payment.

Note: new law, new rules
Meanwhile, the European anti-money laundering directive AMLD5 has been implemented in Dutch legislation in the Wwft (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act), which has an impact on the acceptance of a number of gift cards, because these be regarded as 'electronic money' (EGI) and fall under the scope of this Act. As of July 1, 2020, the part of the transaction of the Gift Card may not exceed € 50. Of course, the customer can pay the remaining part of the pay for a transaction with iDeal.

What does this mean?
A Gift Card transaction is limited to € 50. If a customer makes a payment with his gift card with an amount higher than € 50, error message "120" is displayed, even though the current card balance is higher.

Example: a customer has a Gift Card with a value of € 100. If he buys a product of € 75 in the webshop, he can pay € 50 of the credit on his gift card. The remaining € 25 with, for example, iDeal. He can use the remaining credit on the gift card with a subsequent order.


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