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Pure Coverz: about us

One address for beautiful, yet ethical, home and household textiles. That was the idea behind starting Pure Coverz. Bed linen, cushion covers, table linen, kitchen and bathroom textiles - everything you need to make your house a home. Not only made of ethical, good quality organic fabrics, but also great to look at too, with beautiful colours and gorgeous patterns. And we're also simply crazy about fabrics! Every reason then, to make the organic fabrics that we use to make our home textiles, available to everyone.

We started up at the end of 2009, and since then we have been discovering more and more great new items and fabrics. We are, and always will be, critical - only fabrics that are GOTS certified will find their way into our shop. And we don't see this as a hurdle - by demanding this certification, we are actually stimulating manufacturers to produce organic goods. We also believe in transparency, and include information about where our products have been produced. If you have a question about one of our products and can't find the answer on our site, then get in touch, and we'll try to give you an answer.

But a 100% organic cotton product is, as far as we are concerned, not the end of it. We are aware of our responsibility and impact on the world. That is why, as well as the GOTS certification, we also focus on Fair Trade circumstances - we want, after all, a better world for everyone. We use green energy, have solar panels on our roof, and recycle our waste. Packaging and stationery has also been thought about. And that's why all packaging material is re-used and all paper is made of recycled old paper (FSC quality). We haven't yet found suitable alternatives for everything, but the search definitely goes on!

One example: we were facing the 'problem' of finding suitable packaging for our Pure Coverz products. Plastic is of course out of the question, and good quality organic, biodegradable plastic is not yet available. So we came up with fabric bags. But even a fabric bag that is left unused once delivered is a waste. That's when we came across the website http://www.greenbaglady.org. The Green Bag Lady, or Teresa, is an environmentally aware art teacher and fiercely opposes the use of plastic and paper bags, which only add to the ever-growing mountains of waste. Teresa is the creator of the Green Bag, a fabric shopping bag. In itself, not a particularly noteworthy item. What makes it special is that Teresa makes the bags from fabric remnants and gives them away for free. The only thing she asks for in return, is that you use them. This was the solution to our problem! How simple can it be! A bag made from our left over fabrics, re-used as a shopping bag. Two birds with one stone: we have no unnecessary packaging materials and you no unnecessary bag. Ideas like this make us so happy!


Pure Coverz, Monique Zoon.