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Black canvas

Gorgeous deep black canvas, by Bo Weevil. Beautiful and strong black canvas, made of 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified. Canvas is a very firm fabric, woven with thicker yarn in a plain weave.

The canvas is a great base material that can be used for many purposes. Suitable for clothing, such as trousers, skirts and jackets, but also for example, to make curtains, hip cushion covers or (hand)bags.

Width: 175 cm
Weight: 300 gr/m2
Matching sewing thread: 4808

Made in Turkey according to GOTS requirements. The cultivation of the cotton, and the dyeing and processing of the fabric is done as environmentally friendly as possible.


GOTS Bo Weevil (Ecotton)

Bo Weevil is the Dutch pioneer in the field of organic cotton, and has over 25 years of experience in certified organic cotton. They offer beautiful and good quality fabrics.

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Black Canvas

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L.M.M. - 05-04-2018
Wát een leuk en inspirerend bedrijf. Prachtige kwaliteitsstoffen volledig GOTS- gecertificeerd. Je merkt in alles dat Monique een sterke visie heeft en het bedrijf met hart en ziel runt. Snelle levering, heldere communicatie.