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Molton Top Cover

Molton made of organic cotton flannel (no elastic)
Picture of Molton Top Cover
Molton Top Cover
Molton Top Cover


Nice white molton top cover, by Damai Organics. This soft molton top cover protects your mattress and provides a comfortable intermediate layer between mattress and top cover. The top cover is made of 100% organic cotton, GOTS-certified.

The top cover is made of woven thick flannel molton fabric (250 gr/m2), that feels very soft. With woven fabrics, the mattress size must be used for a proper fit of the top cover. This bedding is made, after ordering, in the sewing workshop of Damai, delivery time is 1 to 3 weeks. 

The top covers are made without elastic, with sewn in corners. Suitable for boxspring/divan toppers up to 8 cm. Also available, on request, for toppers up to 12 cm.

The molton top covers are available in a large range of sizes. Should the required size not be included in the list, please send us a message for this.

The molton bed linen is available as pillowcase, sheet, top cover, split topper fitted sheets and fitted sheets for standard, thick or thin mattresses. Matching products in the same molton series can also be found at the bottom of the page.



The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the largest processing standard for organic textiles in the world. The cultivation of the cotton, and the dyeing and processing of the fabric is done as environmentally friendly as possible. Besides, GOTS also stands for fair trade and good working conditions for labor. Better for your skin, better for the planet and better for workers.

Damai Organics

Damai Organics is the sustainable line of Dutch bedding expert Damai. Fashionably designed, in beautiful qualities and durably produced with GOTS-certified organic cotton. Pure delight for your bed.